Babe’in Brows with Benefit

I didn’t know brows even existed until I walked into a Benefit store back in 2013. Perhaps its because mine were buried under so much foundation that I couldn’t actually see them, but more likely because good brows begin with Benefit and I was yet to find this out. The Benefit girl must have spotted my disaster brows a mile off, and kindly offered to do a demo. Being on my lunch hour and looking to kill some time, I obliged. To say I had low expectations is an understatement, but when I saw the final product I couldn’t believe how much it enhanced my features, giving my face structure and definition. Since then, thanks to the likes of Cara Delevigne, brows have become one of the most emphasised part of our modern make-up routines, and I struggle to envisage a time when I went out without them.

In honour of the brand that put my brows on the map, I thought I would write a post about my three hero Benefit brow products that save my life every morning.

One. Brow Zings … for pristine brows

The very first brow product I ever used, Brow Zings works perfectly for my style of brow.

I begin by using the wax to carve out my brow shape, applying it through the end of the brow first and avoiding the innermost part. This creates a strong shape toward the outer edges of my face and on the tip of the brow bone where I want more emphasis. Moving in toward the centre of the face, I use the powder to gently create the shape. I like quite sharp lines so the powder works wonders: for the look I want to achieve, the wax would be too bold to use on the inner brow as it can narrow the appearance of your nose.

Two. Gimme Brow … for quick brows 

The applicator on this product is what really makes it great. A spoolie loaded with the liquid product, this is the ultimate accessory for lazy girls who don’t want their brows to show it.

Because it’s liquid, the product can be brushed through the brow with ease, simply changing the direction of strokes in order to create the right shape. Once happy with the look, the product dries quickly and holds just as well as the wax alternatives. My fave product for naturally defined brows in a flash.

Three.  Ka-BROW! … for bold brows 

Finally, the product I am using most at the minute. This  one stop wonder combines all the elements of a good brow product. It has the hold of the Browzings wax without the intensity of colour. For those days when you only want one product to create great, long-lasting brows, this product ticks the box.

I usually carve out my brow in the way described above, and begin filling in from the end of the brow, working in toward the centre. In doing this, the product is loaded mainly onto the tail of the brow, with the residual product creating a more subtle look as you work in toward the centre. This product is great for controlling how bold you go with your brow, as the buildable creme allows you to achieve a look as subtle or as strong as you like.


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