In Defence of Sticking to What You Know

On Sunday I got down to the MAC counter just as Debenhams was opening. I was determined to be the first one in there, with all of the lipsticks still perfectly grouped in their colour tones, and without ten other girls crowded around trying to get to them as well. I did this because I decided that I wanted to be more daring with my lipstick colours. My favourite beauty bloggers are always sporting new and exciting colours and I decided that I wanted some of that action. In I went at 11.01am, with nothing standing between me and the heavenly MAC shades. I was going to pick something new.

I started by grabbing a few off the stand and swatching them on the back of my hand, but each time I checked the shade on the bottom of the bullet, the words were all too familiar. ‘Russian Red’, ‘So Chaud’ and ‘Ruby Woo’ to name a few; I consistently picked up the shades I have owned and loved for a while. I thought that perhaps it was just a psychological bias and I was just drawn to what I knew, so decided to look at the nude/baby pink tones, seeing as most of the lipsticks I own are bright and bold. After trying two or three on and flicking between looking like a desperate barbie doll and a corpse (I cannot pull of brown tones), I felt really flat and let down. Why couldn’t I find something new and exciting? Why wasn’t this the fun and easy shopping experience I had planned?

Well, because I know what I like. I know what suits me. And on the countless other trips I have made to MAC since I was 15, I have found my niche. I have have found the colours that compliment my complexion. I have found the colour thats great for a night out, for a casual shopping trip, for making a statement. And whilst I am all for discovering new colours that can fit nicely into this already great collection, I think the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ has strong application here. Maybe that makes me a bad blogger? Or maybe it just makes me human! But next time you find a style that works for you, don’t be afraid to stick with it for a while. Trends come and go, but style is eternal.


Relentlessly Red, Russian Red.

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