Scent-sational: Dior, Hypnotic Poison EDT

There is something really special about smelling nice. Whether we have our hair or make-up done to its best, if we smell good, we feel good, which in my opinion makes it really important to own a scent that allows us to exploit that feeling. I was never really interested in fragrance, but over the past year I have realised that I was really missing a trick: one quick spritz of the stuff on the way out of the door can change not only how you feel, but the level of confidence with which you approach your day.

In a fragrance, I look not only for a gorgeous scent, but for a scent that will last. Recently, I have looked for a scent that satisfies all of the criteria a good perfume should. I have found three that I absolutely adore and decided to post them on here for you guys to try too.

This post is dedicated to¬†Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison, EDT.

The EDT part here is most important. The differences between an Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum is that the latter has a higher concentration of the scent. Buyers jump to the conclusion that this means the scent will be exactly the same in both versions of a fragrance under the same name, but the EDP version will be stronger. However, quite often, the two different versions have completely distinct smells; this observation could not be more true of Dior Hypnotic Poison. Notably, the quality of a Dior scent is of such a high calibre that their EDT fragrances hold their own, with strength and longevity and everything you might expect from its EDP counterpart.

Dior Hypnotic Poison (EDT) boasts a sweet yet sultry scent with undertones of almond. It is a gorgeous scent that you will keep catching as the day goes by, reminding you just how sassy and fabulous you are (as if we need reminding). The bottle itself depicts a poison apple, alluding to a fairy tale theme of enchantment and hypnosis. Much like a poison apple, the scent itself is sweet with a twist: serene with a bit of an edge. I think this is my favourite scent for everyday wear; it is the perfect mix of bold extravagance whilst still suggesting an heir of femininity.

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