7 Styles to Start the New Year With

The New Year sees the blogging world saturated with posts about the past year and a reflection of the highs and lows. I love reading those posts but I decided I wanted to write something different, and with my blog having a heavy focus on fashion, I thought what better to welcome in 2017 than a post on my the 7 trends I will be starting the New Year with (because lets face it, 17 would have been too many!).

– Fishnets –

Being my favourite accessory toward the end of 2016, I will most definitely be taking this one into the New Year. Having got themselves a bit of a reputation, fishnets have previously been seen as an accessory only for the very ‘out-there’ styles. Recent trends have seen fishnets worn under jeans and trousers, allowing only a subtle glint of them at the ankle or uncovered by rips in jeans. I absolutely love this style, as the subtlety of revealing only a glimmer of such a bold accessory creates a great contrast and really ramps up the sass of any outfit. I prefer to wear tights as opposed to socks to add an extra layer of warmth and to ensure they stay in place.


Fishnet tights – ASOS – here

– Double Jackets – 

I first saw this idea on one of my fave fashion bloggers Isabella Thoren last year. Having bought myself a new leather jacket in the early stages of the winter, I have been so disappointed at the lack of wear I have got out of it in these freezing temperatures. So I have fully embraced this trend – wearing my leather jacket under my coat creates an interesting depth in my outfits, whilst also keeping me super warm. Another great way to work this trend is by rocking double denim with a similar colour jean and denim jacket combo, worn with your fave winter coat added over for the ultimate laid back vibe.

– Tailored wear – 

Tailored wear has always been a huge part of my wardrobe. I used to wear either a shirt or trousers with most of my outfits. However, since starting my first office job in May 2016, I found myself craving nothing but jeans at the weekend and my personal style began to lean toward anything and everything that I couldn’t wear in an office. Toward the end of 2016, having had the job for over 6 months, the aversion wore off and I reignited my passion for tailored wear. I love mixing in smart items like blazers with casual outfits made up of jeans and trainers. I reigned in this New Year wearing a suit combo made up of my favourite cropped trousers from Zara and an oversized blazer, and feel this look will be a strong favourite of mine in 2017. One of the best presents I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas was a pair of new balance trainers, with cream leather and grey suede detailing; such accentuations make the trainers slightly more luxe and the perfect pairing for tailoring.


Blazer – primark 

– Dark lips – 

The festive season means one thing for lipstick: the classic red lip. Having fully embraced this throughout December, I am ready to retire my Russian Red bullet to the empty space on my dresser, and adopt a different shade to overwear to de th in January instead. As the weather has taken a turn for the worse, with temperatures having plummeted in the past few weeks, I am feeling inspired to go into January working a darker lip. My current favourite is MAC’s diva – a deep purple shade that compliments even the palest of vitamin D deprived skin.dsc05758

– Neutral Knits – 

Anyone who knows me will know that 2016 was a year long love affair between me and the colour black. I introduced the odd few items into my wardrobe that weren’t black, but when it came down to it, black worked for me and I wore a hell of a lot of it. As the year was drawing to a close, and my knitwear obsession came back into play, I discovered a new love: neutral knitwear. I feel there is something about cream and beige tones that highlight knitwear’s true beauty. Whilst I do still own around 6 black jumpers (what. is. wrong. with. me.), I have found solace in the neutral shades that ever so slightly brighten up my wardrobe. Okay, well not brighten, but they break up the black a bit… They also look amazing with a darker lip, which as previously discussed, I am currently digging. Perfect!

– Ankle Boots – 

2016 for me was the year of the trainer. 98% of the time I left the house, I wore my Stans. In my eyes, they were the epitome of comfort and style, and suited my lifestyle down to the ground: as a non-driving, inner-city dweller, with a slight aversion to buses, my feet are put to good use. However, toward the end of the year, I have found myself drawn to ankle boots. I suppose I have this babe’in snakey number to blame – I just can’t resist upping the sass in any outfit by throwing these on. I also love the 60’s esque mini-skirt/shift dress with ankle boots look, which makes a nice contrast to my style of jeans/trousers that I wore obsessively for the majority of 2016. My ankle boot obsession is now growing, having added this gorgeous ASOS pair to the collection. In 2017, I can only see this getting bigger.


Boots – Primark 

– Straight Hair –

In the not-so-glamourous behind the scenes of my Instagram life (aka my normal life) I usually wear my hair in a natural wave. I find this style is so easy to achieve and is “weather friendly” – dampness or rain in the air only makes my hair look better instead of the ‘just rolled out of bed and through a hedge’ vibe that I seem to achieve when I walk to work with straight hair. However, with all the excitement of the festive party season, I wanted a hair style that made me feel a little more special than I do after a day in the office, so wore my hair straight to quite a few events (meaning my uber bill for the month was somewhat more expensive but heyho). I think straight, sleek hair creates an ultra chic, put together look and I’ve really enjoyed putting more effort into my hair. I’ve decided to continue embracing the straight hair look into the New Year in a bid to be more interesting with my hair styling; I wonder how long that will last…

I can’t wait to rock some of these trends this year and hope you like them too! Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! Grace x

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