Bell Sleeve Beauties


One of the trends I have become obsessed with lately is the bell sleeve. I have always been an advocate for an oversized silhouette, from flared trousers to boxy tops to the simple and often underestimated tactic of buying items in a few sizes up. However it seems recently that sleeves are having a moment. And my oh my am I on board.

Last summer the focus was on sleeveless garments, with sleeveless duster jackets in every corner of every high street store (I think I wore mine over just about anything). This year has seen a huge style shift in the opposite direction, not only bringing sleeves back into focus but doing so with a bang. Right now, I am all about a statement sleeve; a sleeve worthy of stealing attention.

In my opinion, the bigger the better. If you’re going to make a statement, go ahead and make it, and how better to do so than with a metre of extra fabric dancing around your wrist. And fear not, the bell sleeve, whilst bold and memorable, is not just a one-time affair. With a variety of different fabrics and styles, the bell sleeve can be worn in a number of ways to enhance a garment or simply add the extra oomph your outfit craved.

Shop my top picks here:
From H&M, shop here.

Version 2
From Boohoo, shop here.

For an effortless I-just-threw-this-on daytime look, shop here.

For the colder days, shop here *product no longer available*.

For simplicity, shop here.

A statement sleeve is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and a great way to transition into the autumn. What are you waiting for?

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