Buy Less, Choose Better

My New Years Resolutions usually take the form of some extreme and unrealistic life change that last, at most, a week. This year I am all about being realistic and instead reflecting on the past year with a view to making improvements for myself. I have come up with one resolution, or rather promise to myself, that I thought I would share with you all:

Buy less, choose better.

I am a serial shopper. I love nothing more than owning the latest trend and having new items in my wardrobe. In August of this year, I decided to play grown up and move into my very own home with my boyfriend for the first time. Once I had finished buying and building Ikea furniture, the fun wore off slightly and the reality hit that I am now a responsible “adult” and have financial commitments that must be taken seriously. In light of this, gone were the days where I would spend the last £50 of my student loan on a lush pair of Asos boots, and in came the days of savings accounts and future planning.

At first, I thought I had dug my own grave. How was I going to cope without my weekly (*cough* daily) shopping trips where I didn’t think twice about spending money on my one true love, fashion? But now I realise it is a blessing. Before moving into my new flat, my clothing collection was unruly and unloved. I had clothes upon clothes spilling out of drawers and cupboards, with too many options to consider. However, my modest one bedroom flat was definitely not going to accommodate such items as the 10 Primark crop tops that I loved once when I was 16 but couldn’t bare to throw away incase that love rekindled.

A clear out of my wardrobe allowed me to move into my home with a fresh start and a fresh wardrobe, with only those key pieces I needed to achieve my style. Whilst I still find myself leaning toward the occasional Primark dash (in which I spend £50 and come out with armfuls of outfits that will last two months before going tatty), I feel this experience has taught me how to shop.

So there it is. Buy less, choose better. Be wise about your spending. Does it fit me nicely? Will I wear it regularly? Is it worth the money? If the answer to any of those questions is no, keep your pursed zipped girls. Because the rush of impulse spending does not compare to the satisfaction of really loving the items in your wardrobe. Because the £10 Primark top might seem like great value at the time, but spending an extra £20 on a similar item from a better quality brand will mean you are making an investment – a long term addition to your wardrobe that won’t need replacing any time soon. And for your own sake, do not buy items that don’t suit your frame. You are built in the way you are built – embrace it! If it doesn’t look good now, chances are it never will, and who needs that kind of negativity in their life?!

I hope this inspires a few of you to shop better in 2016, and Happy New Year Huns xxxxx

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