Colour Block Classic

img_1780 I have recently begun shopping in M&S. As a 22 year old, it wasn’t too long ago that I held the strong opinion, like most teenagers, that M&S is for frumpy, middle-aged women. It was an opinion so strong that it willfully lead me and my peers straight past the doors of M&S without so much as looking in, despite our parents wishes, towards the likes of Primark and Topshop.

But as I have grown up, so has my style. Becoming more independent in my approach to fashion has lead to me try new things and change my outlook on shopping. One of most notable ways I have done this is by dropping any pre-conceived opinions I have about brands and giving their collections a browse. As it turns out, not only have I changed, but in that time so too have the brands, with many offering more on trend collections and catering to more modern audiences. And whether it is due to my changing preferences or the offerings of these high street stores, suddenly I have opened up more doors for myself to expand my style. In doing so, I found this dreamy M&S colour block coat.


So why does this coat work for me?

 – Quality –

I have recently adopted an awareness of quality; I seek out items that won’t wither in the rush of my day to day life and that keep their charm from the first day of winter right through til Spring. Whilst this is something our parents had desperately tried to instil in us as children, it seems that it’s only when you start spending your own hard earned cash on clothing that you actually realise this for yourself.

This coat then was an obvious choice. Made with 37% wool, the infamous M&S quality of this coat is evident down to its’ very stitching. The panels are beautifully even, and the pattern boasts sharp, straight lines. I had no reservations spending £89 on this coat because the money spent is reflected in the quality of craftsmanship taken to make this coat such a beautiful and timeless piece.

– Style –

Furthermore, I have become more sophisticated in my style. I put much more value on the design of the clothing; the shape and the way the material falls. As a brand, if M&S are going to do it, they’re going to do it right. This coat is designed with a structured silhouette and a stiff collar that maintains its’ shape even when the coat is undone. Everything about this coat down to the colour choices boasts sophistication: the neutral colour palette is very on trend and is set off beautifully by the addition of the blue panels.

– How to Wear – 

Colour blocking is a great trend that creates a bold statement. As we enter into the colder months, the best way to embrace this trend is through outerwear; a coat covers your outfit, taking the spotlight in any winter look. And with a coat of this calibre, you can wear almost anything underneath and still look amazing. If you’re looking for an easy, go-to look that lets the coat do all the talking, stick to plain, neutral colours or black. But if you really want to embrace the trend, try clashing with bright colours or bold prints.

In these photos, I have styled it with a structured, off-white top with high neck detailing to compliment the collar of the coat. I have also added a classic black skinny trouser; the monochrome colouring of my outfit adds a little more depth without taking any attention away from the coat. Finally, I chose to wear my pointed black flats from H&M to add a sharpness to the outfit, creating an interesting contrast to the classic style of the coat.

Coat – M&S
Shoes – H&M – similar here
Trousers – River Island – Last Year

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