Do You in Denim

I have recently been lusting after blue denim jeans. Having bought a lot of statement tops and blouses recently with frills and fuss galore, I felt that there was no better backdrop than a good pair of jeans. They work to add a cool, casual element to your outfit that says ‘I just threw this on’ effortless chic, instead of looking like you just walked straight off the catwalk (not quite the ideal look for sitting down at Bristol harbour drinking Rekorderlig from the bottle). However I have never really had a good relationship with jeans. Being bottom heavy and carrying weight in basically all of the places that jeans cling to, for a long time they were my sworn enemy.

My first positive interaction with jeans came in the form of tight, black skinny jeans. They sucked me in and had a slimming effect that started to change my mind about the denim number I had shyed away from for so long. With this new found confidence I stumbled upon a pair of mom jeans last year in a light fabric with cropped, frayed hems. I really loved these jeans and wore them almost exclusively for a long time. Fast forward to this year and I have been seeing the likes of Sinead Crowe (she looks so good in denim I feel like it was made for her) wearing slightly different styles of jeans that got me feeling really excited about them. I knew I needed to refresh my collection.

Over the past few weeks I have tried and tested the high street’s answer to denim jeans. As I am not the shape that typically suits jeans, I knew it would likely be a struggle (you don’t even want to know how many pairs I bought and sent back… Fine. 11. It was 11). However, Topshop are doing a huge denim campaign at the moment focusing on finding the right denim for you. They have numerous different styles in different colours and sizes to find the right pair of jeans to suit everyone. I browsed the giant collection and decided there MUST be something in there that worked for me. And there was…

Enter these cropped, wide-leg, blue jeans of dreams. I feel like it will come as no surprise to you guys that I chose this style, as I basically live in my cropped, wide-leg Zara trousers. But when I tried these on, I felt that they could really give a new dimension to my wardrobe. Instead of always wearing trousers (something which I am definitely guilty of), I can now wear a nice shirt without looking like I’m heading to the office. I feel like denim is spot on for Spring/Summer months and never really goes out of fashion: a good pair of denim jeans will see you right for years. I am so pleased with these jeans and would definitely recommend Topshop denim to everyone. No matter what shape, size or preference, they have thought of everything. What are you waiting for…


Jeans – Topshop, here

Bag – Mango, here

Shoes – New Look, sold out

Blouse – Zara, similar here

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