Eye Spy: How to Find the Perfect Frames



Finding out you need glasses can be a game changer. So you’ve spent years figuring out how to make your face look great every morning, and here you have a professional telling you you’ve got to add an accessory to that. Sorry, what?!

What’s more, glasses aren’t just any accessory, but the ultimate accessory: the eyes are the most prominent facial feature, and the point we focus on when we speak to others. It’s like your dentist telling you that you need to wear lipstick for the rest of your life. I mean I’m cool with wearing it sometimes (most of my waking hours in fact), but do I want to make that kind of commitment? Even more so, glasses are somewhat of an investment piece: with the cheapest being around £40 a pop, you need to be 100% behind that purchase.

So there you are, staring up at the wall of choices, with all of the different brands and styles of glasses staring back at you. The choice is perplexing. Having found myself in this position a year ago, I have collated all my top tips into this blog post to help you get the perfect specs to frame your lovely face.

1) Ditch the preconceptions

This sounds obvious, but regardless of which glasses look good perched on their shelf, lit up by the gorgeous white cabinet behind, only certain styles will suit you. The main thing to remember is that people will only see these glasses as an accessory to the backdrop that is your face – so finding something that suits that face is job one. I recommend picking out three different styles that take your fancy, and finding which one suits your face best.

For me, this meant going for a larger, curvy frames as opposed to a straight frame: my face isn’t symmetrical so this kind of frame disguises it well.

2) Be sensible

For this one, you either need to take your mum with you or call her before hand so her voice is firmly in your head. Going for a funky style or a bright colour is a great idea if you have the money to replace them in a few months when you’re sick of them. For those of you who do, fair play, you’re clearly ballin’. But for everyone else, you gotta remember you are going for timeless, so put that florescent pink pair down and shuffle towards that nondescript black number.

I decided to go for a black pair with only gold detailing. This means I can wear whatever lipstick shade or clothing I like, and the glasses only ever compliment my look.

3) Be kind to your purse

Glasses are expensive. The ratio of money : robustness (is that a word?) is ludicrous – just think how many pairs of sunnies you have already destroyed by keeping them in your back pocket or at the bottom of your bag. *Moment of silence to remember those long lost friends*. By buying a pair of glasses that are affordable, you are saving yourself heartache later down the line.

Confession time: I spent big. I decided that I needed the £300 Versace specs instead of the same style without the branding. 20-year-old me would like to apologise to my bank account for this unnecessary splurge. So is this advice hypocritical? Perhaps. But speaking from experience, let me tell you this kind of cash-flashing is stupid. Instead, find a designer pair you love, and then scour the internet for the high-street copy that will inevitably exist, and will inevitably cost you about 80% less.

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