Fail-Safe January Fashion

IMG_6132Whilst I am trying to be positive about this month (in order to avoid the huge life-questioning break down that I have been known to have in previous years), let’s face it – January can kind of suck. It has been made all the more difficult for me now that the doctor has sworn me off coffee for the month… January forces us to drag ourselves out of our food induced comas as we sludge back to reality. It is the ultimate anti-climax, and after a month of sequins and sparkle with more parties than hot meals in December, it can be nice to have a detox of all things glamour. So fashion for me in January is all about anything and everything that a) keeps me warm and b) hides my (coffee starved) fatigue whilst still looking stylish.

Enter oversized accessories. The true heroes of January are the larger than life blanket scarves, those face-consuming sunglasses and the hats so big they hide all sins. These accessories are some of my all time favourites, so January provides the perfect excuse to overwear them to the max. So how do this trio work wonders?


– Warmth – 

There is nothing quite like carrying the cosiness of your home to the outside world. January is a constant cycle of being sad to leave the house for work in the morning, followed by a day of longing to return. Anything that can ease that is, in my opinion, an absolute gem. Blanket scarves really come into their own here – they are a statement accessory that I feel boast an almost parisian chic but ultimately, they are what the name suggests: the blanket that is it acceptable to leave the house with. On those days where I would rather swap spreadsheets for bedsheets, I wrap my blanket scarf around me in my office chair and count down the minutes until I am reunited with my bed.


– Style –

As already touched upon, oversized accessories are pretty chic. I feel like they have the ability to transform an outfit: those finishing touches make you feel really put together despite the fact that underneath, you really are not. Sunglasses for me are a year-round wonder-worker that instantaneously make you look fabulous. Guaranteed you can’t really get away with them on the greyer, rainier days, but that is what the hat is for! IMG_6143

– Statement –

The beauty of such oversized, show stealing accessories, and probably the main reason I choose to wear such items to death in the first month of the year, is that they steal all the attention. Whilst the general public are choosing to look at the fedora that is swallowing my head, they fail to see the bags under my eyes and my untamed, dry-shampooed hair (not to mention the extra chin that I seem to have acquired this Christmas). These items are the ultimate cover up for January fatigue, allowing you to hibernate underneath, dreaming of your soulmate (your bed, obviously) and the silly amount of left over Christmas chocolate that you plan to demolish when you get home, despite the ‘New Year, new me’ diet that you have reluctantly committed yourself to.


Thank me later!

Grace x

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