Feel Good Festivities

We are fast approaching my favourite time of year. You guessed it – Christmas. This year the season is even more important to me. I’ve had a harder year than usual struggling with illness and felt like I lost myself a bit there. But in the last few months I have begun a masters degree in Marketing, a subject I absolutely love and can’t believe I didn’t pursue sooner; I have taken on a new Communications role which still gives me the ‘pinch me’ feeling every morning when I enter the office; and I have started feeling like my old self. So this Christmas is even more significant than usual (and its usually pretty bloody significant in my calendar). I can’t wait to deck those halls, trim those trees and eat an unadvisable amount of food. With thoughts turning to Christmas parties and the like, festive fashion is at the forefront of my mind. With a whole year of fun to catch up on, I need an all-singing, all-dancing wardrobe of Christmas party dresses and everything that glitters (see here for inspo – considering selling organs to buy the entire collection *reasonable offers only*).

From my diet to the company I keep, this past year has been all about feeling good.

The focus in this past year for me has been feeling good. From my diet to the company I keep, I have done whatever I can to pursue it, and it’s no different when it comes to my wardrobe. In the past I have been guilty of buying things that don’t make me feel excited, don’t flatter my figure, and aren’t comfortable to wear. Safe to say these things get left in the back of the wardrobe, edging closer and closer to the charity shop pile. I end up with a wardrobe full of clothes but feeling like I have nothing to wear. So my aim more recently has been to only buy clothes I absolutely love, feel incredible in, and can’t bring myself to take off.

This is where the trousers come in. The gorgeous silky fabric of these trousers skims over your curves in all the right places, leaving you feeling completely body confident – just as you should. I don’t want to emphasise buying clothes to look slimmer or trying to dress to hide your frame, but rather embracing your figure and dressing to feel great. For me, these trousers tick the boxes: they are the most flattering piece, drawing the eye to the waist and lengthening the leg. When it comes to festive fashion, I’m not so much a girl for OTT styles, but instead feel comfortable in sophisticated, effortless pieces. This year I will be wearing these trousers with heeled sandals and a strappy blouse for Christmas parties, and swapping those out for a jumper and flats for Christmas dinner (it might be a good time to mention here that the waist band is extremely generous).

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Shoes, H&M, £49

Coat, H&M, no longer online

Top, Primark

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