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I have never really been a shoe person. It’s not that I don’t like shoes, but I guess as someone who walks everywhere, comfort is the main factor. Having found my Stan Smiths a couple of years ago, I didn’t feel the need to add any other shoes to my wardrobe. I did from time to time buy a pair of shoes that caught my eye, but the truth be told, the comfort and style pay off of my Stans is hard to challenge and nine times out of ten, I go for them as default. The other shoes I’ve bought would hardly get worn, and it’s hard to get excited about a pair of shoes that will only ever be put on to style up outfits to take Insta pictures in your front room and/or the odd occasion you go somewhere fancy.

For some reason, I have discovered a new interest in shoes this A/W. I don’t know if it is because I have bought so many new clothes recently that I have maxed out my desire, turning instead now to shoes and accessories, or perhaps it is the fact that my beloved Stan Smiths now have a hole in the leather that indicates they aren’t going to be around much longer. But either way, I have been drawn to shoes over the past month, adding a few new pairs to my repertoire ready for whatever A/W throws at me.

Primark Snake-Print Boots, £14 


One of my favourite style influences is Megan Ellaby. I adore her casual, almost rock ‘n’ roll style, a big element of which is adorable ankle boots. Admittedly, I already have numerous pairs of ankle boots. However, owing to the fact that they cost a little more than the average piece of clothing on the high-street, I have always gone for styles that are a little different; a higher heel or a more luxurious material. I feel this makes the boots worthy of their price tag, however in terms of practicality for long walks on the rainy Autumn days, they leave much to be desired. When I saw these boots in Primark last week for only £14, I fell in love with the gorgeous snake-print detailing and lower heel, and decided to take the gamble on them. Whilst the risk is higher than it would be had I bought them from somewhere like Topshop or ASOS, which boast higher quality craftsmanship, I feel the fabulously low cost outweighs this. Whilst Primark does have a bad rep for quality, it has definitely upped its game in recent years, sometimes competing with other high-street favourites. So I added these babies to my A/W wardrobe safe in the knowledge that even if they don’t last too long, they will be sure to look uh-mazing whilst they do!

H&M Pointed Flats, £14.99


Shop here.

Having first seen this eye-catching style in the likes of Zara and Office, for what you can bet was quite a big price tag, I was intrigued by the pointed toe and flat sole combination. I often find that the most fabulous shoes do not provide comfort, but I couldn’t see that being a problem with this particular shoe. They mix the element of sophistication of their cousin, the stiletto, with elements of relaxed, effortlessness style seen in the ballet flat. When I spotted them on H&M for £14.99, it was a no brainer. I had to have them. Upon receiving them, I found they are in fact as wonderous as they seemed online and will most definitely be at the forefront of my style this A/W.

New Look Loafers, £29.99


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Saving the best for last, these shoes are the only shoes I have come across in over a year that have the chance to overtake my Stan Smiths. Comfort? Tick. Weather-proof (an essential in Britain for A/W)? Tick. INCREDIBLY STYLISH?! Tick!! I am absolutely in love with the laid back, androgynous style of these shoes. With a laid-back yet put together design, mimicking the iconic style deeply embedded in Gucci heritage, I have been lusting after a pair for months. But with so many options on the high-street at the moment (read about them here) I wasn’t sure which way to go. When I saw this pair on New Look’s website, I felt they had got the style bang on. I loved the iconic horsebit detailing, the classic almond shaped toe and the soft, black leather. When I saw the £29.99 price tag I could hardly catch my breath. I had added them to my bag and checked out before I could blink. I will be wearing these non-stop for the next few months with boyfriend jeans and oversized coats.

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