Givenchy Style Steal: Topshop Studded Boots

Recently I have been in love with the Givenchy Black Studded Leather Ankle boots. With a real bad ass vibe inspired by biker culture, the leather and stud design creates a clash between edgy and classic: a boot that need not ‘go with’ an outfit as it can merely upstage it. It is no secret that these beauties come with a hefty price tag as bold as the boot themselves, so for many girls like me, they just aren’t an option. The beauty of our high street though is that it brings high end inspiration to all of us for a much more attractive price. Having recently seen similar in Office and ASOS, but failing to make the purchase because something was always missing, I was just waiting for the next brand to take their turn. It came in the form of these Topshop ‘Amy’ beauties and my oh my were they worth the wait. Everything about these boots works for me.
The hardwear of the boot is silver which gives the boots a chic appearance and reinforces the authentic biker vibe; inherently masculine and non-chalant. The flat sole, also a nod to the masculinity of the boot, conveniently makes them damn comfortable for day-long wear. I have found other boots in a similar style currently on the high street to be slightly too chunky and heavy. However, the almond toe on this boot streamlines the shoe for a more delicate design; this elongates the leg creating a more feminine silhouette that contrasts with the predominantly masculine design. The added detailing of the straps give the boots an eye-catching complexity which makes them appear more expensive (think like, I dunno, £895).

At £89 they aren’t the best price on the high street, but for every extra penny you get bundles of sleek, sassy, show-stealing style. Designed almost identically to the dreamy Givenchy pair that cost ten times more, I think Topshop have absolutely nailed this style.

Shop yours here and thank me later!dsc05632

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