How Does She Do It?

IMG_6515It is a question I have asked myself many times when looking at the quality of content I have seen many of my favourite bloggers produce. The level of photography, their instagram arrangement and their off-handed twitter remarks that have us all laughing like we are out for coffee with our bestie.

I always thought it was down to hard work. It goes without saying that success doesn’t come for free, and any blogger worth their salt will tell you about all of the endless hours they have poured into their little project alongside other work and social commitments before achieving anything. But I am no stranger to hard graft, having committed to my blog for over two years now whilst at university and working full time. I am left wondering what they do differently.


It turns out there is a secret ingredient in success, in the blogging world and otherwise: self-belief. Being the girl who says yes to opportunities without worrying what the outcome might be. Hell, being the girl who makes her own opportunities instead of waiting at the sidelines for one to come along. The girl who doesn’t worry what others are going to think about her. The girl who has the confidence to think for herself creatively, producing original content as opposed to copying the content that others have had success with before.

Making mistakes is crucial to learning. If you are scared to make a mistake, you will never progress. Well, that’s not exactly true. We are all human, and fear is just part of that after all. But if you allow that fear to rule you and to hold you back, you will be left in the same place you always were wondering when things are going to change. In 2017, I am living by the philosophy that old ways don’t open new doors. For me, it is time to step outside the security of my comfort zone and make some changes. Watch this space.


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