New Balance Are Made For Exploring


I have lived in the city of Bristol for over a year now. In that time, I have fallen well and truly in love with it. There is something about this city that resonates so deeply with me. I love the varied architecture, the beauty of the harbourside and the warm, welcoming attitude of the people. I love how accessible the city is on foot, and that you can’t walk too far without discovering a little cafe or a rustic pub. However, I admit that after spending six months or so discovering new places, I began slipping into habits. I am guilty of doing the same things week in week out; getting coffee from the same place, eating dinner in the same restaurant (I realise these are quite food-centric examples, but ya know, priorities). These little treasures are some of the main reasons that I love Bristol as much as I do. But at one time, these places were unknown to me. In order to develop favourites, we must first make discoveries.


One thing I aim to do more of in 2017 is explore this city I am so lucky to live in. To branch out further into different areas, and to just spend whole days discovering new places, making new memories. My favourite way to find new places is to just stumble upon them. I love to throw on my favourite pair of trainers and just go. My current favourites are my New Balance, with their cream leather and grey suede detailing. They are super stylish, and so comfy that I know that I can walk around the city all day long without having to slow down. As its so cold at the moment, I chose to wear them with this gorgeous and extremely cosy shearling jacket that I managed to bag from e-bay a few years ago.


I usually begin by wandering in the general direction of something, like a picturesque part of town or a certain area. On the way, I will stop for coffee, pop into cute trinket shops and take detours down little side roads. I love finding markets, like St Nicks in Bristol. I love sampling the street food, and picking up little bits and bobs like unique jewellery, and taking in the scenes. I am so inspired by the different fashion styles on display in bristol, and often come up with ideas for my own styling when in the hustle and bustle of the city. In the afternoon, I look for distinctive drinking establishments for a pint of cider or a glass of fizz (or two).  In the winter, anywhere with an open fire gets my vote. I love to cosy up next to the fire with good company, discussing the memories we have just made, eventually touching on older ones; chatting, laughing and working up an appetite. Finally, we stumble out of the bar, feeling a little tipsy and a lot hungry, and find the perfect place to feast.  I can’t say no to sushi, Mexican, or anything Italian (pizza is always a good idea).



Coat – bought from Ebay

Trousers – similar, here

Trainers – similar, here

Sunglasses – sold out

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