New Year, New Coat

I have a little bit of a thing for coats. Every year I add to my collection and find the storage space in my little one bed flat getting smaller and smaller (my boyfriend does not thank me for this). However, this year I realised I didn’t have a special coat. I have coats in different colours and styles to be worn day-to-day, and have built up my little collection so much so that I rarely struggle to match a coat to my outfit. Now I have reached this peak in my life (probably my biggest achievement of 2016?), I feel it is time to start being a little frivolous with my budget. Enter this faux fur masterpiece. 


I managed to blag this for £40 off in the Mango sale, coming in at £79.99. Whilst it wasn’t cheap, the quality of this coat is second to none and in my opinion, makes this coat worth every penny. It also adds something different to my wardrobe, which again for me, makes it worth the spend – I am often guilty of repeat buying, filling my wardrobe up with the same item with slight but insignificant variations. I cannot wait to style this coat for the remaining winter months, and finally feel happy to leave my bed in the morning knowing I can step outside with this beauty wrapped around me.


The real beauty of this coat is that it needs no extra frills – it is the epitome of easy styling: the wear with anything wonder that we all rely on in the bleakness of January. If, like me, you too are looking for a show stopper for those occasions where you really want to turn heads, throw this coat on over your glam get-up for the ultimate chic vibes that will keep you toasty warm without dampening your style. Or if the reality is that you can’t afford to spend £79.99 on a coat that is only going to gather dust in the wardrobe – sadly, I don’t get invited to red carpet events very often (yet) – go for a casual approach: wear with your favourite knit, relaxed fit jeans and ankle boots (basically how I am going to spend every weekend for the next month).


The coat is sadly sold out online.

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