Parisian Influence

For Christmas, I booked myself and my boyfriend a trip to Paris. I decided the end of Feb would be the ideal time to go because by that time, we will have got over the January blues, and be well and truly looking forward to a much needed break. We have long wanted to go, and I decided 2017 would be our year. However, with just a week to go, we decided to postpone the trip – we were actually supposed to fly out this morning. I haven’t been very well and without boring you with the details, we decided it would seriously compromise the quality of the trip. Sucks right?!

I have spent the past few weeks planning outfits worthy of the backdrop of dreamy Parisian streets. So when I found out I wasn’t going, I was even more disappointed. Not only was I not able to go on the trip I have always wanted to go on, I had that feeling you get when you wear an amazing outfit but don’t go anywhere or see anyone. All of this Parisian inspired creativity felt like it had gone to waste. So I decided that this weeks outfit post would feature my favourite, most highly anticipated outfit I had dreamed of wearing as I wandered down Parisian alleys stumbling upon picturesque cafes and cute boutiques.

As may already be obvious, I am a fan of monochrome. Black clothing is my thing, second best only to white clothing (with grey being a close third). I love tailored wear because it is sophisticated and simple, two things which are inherently Parisian. The much coveted book of our generation, ‘How to be Parisian’ discusses the necessity of a black blazer; a necessity which I have come to know also, and so for me it was the obvious choice for this outfit. These Zara wide-leg, cropped trousers add flare and femininity to the overall look, and allow the gorgeous gucci-esque loafers with horse-bit detailing to take centre stage. Whilst real gucci loafers would be more appropriate for the luxury of Paris, this New Look number possess a classic style and the ultimate comfort for days spent wandering around the city in exploration.


Cropped Trousers – Zara, similar here

Blazer – Primark, similar here

Loafers – New Look, here

Coat – H&M, similar here

Bag – Mango, sold out

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