Rediscovering Favourites

I have long been after a pair of black ankle boots. The go with anything, wear anywhere, comfy-but-stylish boot. I realise it is quite a tough criteria to meet. Over the past few months I have bought and returned more boots than I can count, because the heel height wasn’t right or they were immediately uncomfy. Then I spotted this patent, low heel, square-toe number from Monki. My first impressions were how gorgeous they are. With a real 60s mod vibe, I was so excited to wear them with mini skirts and a-line dresses.

I immediately raided my wardrobe. Out came my trusty old leather mini skirt and my Zara jumper with v-neck and leather pocket detailing. I also hunted through my sunglass collection to find something that fit with the vibe of this outfit. I found a long forgotten pair with oversized, round frames and for the first time in ages, fell back in love with my old favourites.

Its crazy how buying one new item of clothing or shoes can make you reevaluate and reappreciate clothes you had fallen out of love with. Adding these boots to this outfit made me feel great in the outfit again, without having to go out and buy everything new.

I really like the message of this post because I think it promotes a good attitude to clothing. I hate the idea that clothing is so disposable, but as a fashion blogger there is a lot of pressure to always be posting new and currently available items to keep your followers interested and engaged. Whilst I love showing you guys what I have just bought, I would have a lot less content if that is all I posted about. I have neither the money or the storage space to keep up with that, so I hope you also enjoy seeing how I reinvent my old favourites, and that it inspires you too to look no further than your own wardrobe when you’re in need of a change.



Monki Boots – here

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