Rethinking Fashion

Whilst watching the updates from Milan fashion week on snapchat, I was inspired by the words of Veronica Etro, designer of the Etro 2016 S/S collection: it is important with Fashion ‘to have fun with it… to really enjoy it’. It lead me to question, is fashion fun? Quite simply, it should be. Fashion is one of the strongest forms of expression. It can convey any number of things, from personality, to mood, to time or place. It can be used as a tool to categorise, to differentiate and to understand. High-end fashion celebrates this, emphasising diversity and uniqueness, and championing those who make fashion more about the experience of wearing the garments rather than just the garments themselves.

Every single day we get dressed (well, maybe not on Sundays) and in doing so, we send a message to the world. Before we can even engage in conversation, our choice of clothing speaks volumes. With a huge media focus on appearance, sometimes to the detriment of other things, there is a great pressure to dress in a way that others approve of. More often than not, this can make us shy away from certain fashion choices in favour of something safer. This undermines the very existence of fashion: how can fashion be about self-expression if the clothing we wear instead expresses conformity. What does that mean for individuality and uniqueness?

I suppose what I am trying to say here is that fashion should mean different things to different people. I’m not saying don’t follow trends, or telling you to look different rather than dressing how you want to, but in fact I’m trying to promote comfort. To encourage you to feel confident enough about your identity to wear it. To be comfortable enough to choose clothing based on your own spectacularly individual preferences. Because when we are comfortable and relaxed, we can have fun, and according to Veronica Etro, that is what fashion is all about. Oh, and based on her flawless S/S16 collection, I would trust her!

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