Sports Luxe for the Non-Sporty

I am not a gym-goer. Not anymore, anyway. When I bought these sports-luxe trousers a few weeks ago, I wondered if it is a bit of liberty that I haven’t been to the gym in around 6 months, yet I am adopting trends that are inspired by sports wear. But I have never been one to restrict my wardrobe with so-called ‘fashion rules’, and I think these trousers are really cool. The gym isn’t my thing, but fashion is. So I thought why the heck not adopt the trend, wear these absolute babe’in trousers, and share them with you on the blog with the story of how I came to quit the gym, and why I don’t feel negative about it anymore.

I found the gym really easy to get into. It was my second year of uni and my two housemates were also members. We would arrange to go together, and fit out social plans around it. I grew to love that gym, and I felt so comfortable working out there. I really improved my fitness and it just became another part of my life. Then when I left university in 2015, I had a few months in limbo; living at home and trying to make a move to Bristol. During this time, my fitness went out the window as there was no point signing up to a gym when a move was imminent. When I eventually got to Bristol, I found a new gym and joined immediately. I was looking forward to getting back into the gym and working on my fitness. But it wasn’t that easy.

I found the new gym quite unpleasant to visit. I didn’t like how small and compact the gym was, I wasn’t a fan of the equipment, and I found myself having to go to the gym at really inconvenient times just to get a space to work out (peak times were busier than a city centre Primark on a Saturday afternoon). I fell into this routine of forcing myself to go for a week and then finding any excuse not to go. The excuse to skip a day would stretch out weeks ahead. Whilst I felt guilty, this wasn’t enough to make me go. I also felt an overwhelming reluctance to go to a place I hated. I was going long periods of time without visiting the gym, meaning that any trips I did make were not so enjoyable – I was out of the habit and not as fit as I had been at uni. I was wasting a considerable amount of money on the membership fees and felt in constant battle with myself. When my year’s subscription ran out, I decided I would not renew it.

At first, I felt guilty, and that I should just get over my dislike of this gym and put my health first. As it was the only gym in the area I could afford to go to, it really was my only option. After a few more weeks of battling with myself I decided it just wasn’t worth it. Hats off to the girls who spring out of bed at 6am, fly straight to the gym and batter out a session before the day has even begun for most of us. But that just isn’t me. Health is really important to me, and I make conscious lifestyle choices that promote wellbeing. Yet at the same time, causing yourself to feel guilty and anxious by trying to force yourself to do something you just don’t want to do is counterproductive. For me, a fitness regime has to be something that you can realistically commit to. I haven’t yet found what that is for me, and who knows perhaps I will find a different gym in the near future that works for me. But for now, I am being kind to myself and taking the pressure off. I know I’m not the only girl out there who has ever felt this way, and currently I don’t know the solution (soz gals) but I do know that making yourself feel bad for it is only going to create more negativity. And who needs that?! Definitely not me.



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