Street Style: How To Capture It

Having bought a beautiful new camera in January, I finally started taking to the streets to get my hands on some of that irresistable Instagram action that we have deemed #StreetStyle. Armed with the camera, my Instagram boyfriend (who happens to be my real life boyfriend too, awh) and a pair of sunglasses to hide my relentless blinking, I was ready for the best visual content of my blog to date. But it didn’t all go swimmingly…


11am, Saturday Morning. Hair done, make-up done, outfit on. Ready to go. Leave the flat feeling excited for all the wonderful snaps we will take.

11.05 am. Awkward wandering around actually taking in the surroundings for the first time since moving into our flat nearly two years ago. Constantly asking each other ‘where shall we go’. Rain. More rain. Decide to shoot on the street outside the flat. Perfect! This is nice and close to home so I can master an outfit change in minutes when we have no doubt nailed this first look. Oh wait, one of our neighbours is coming out of the building, hide the camera and act natural. He’s gone, quick! Awkward posing looking so hard at the floor that I am nearly doubled over. Look up to see another one of our neighbours is walking down the street. There is no hiding the camera this time, he definitely saw that. Okay perhaps this isn’t the right spot. Let’s move further up the street to avoid the neighbour embarrassment.

11.35am. Found a nice spot. Begin taking photos. Banging out the au natural poses, feeling great. Check back through some of the pictures. They are all sh*t. Maybe it’s the hat? It obviously doesn’t photograph well. Take the hat off and pop it on the wall. Go for it again. No good pictures. What in the hell is my face doing? And what is that noise..? Oh christ, it is the bin men. Definitely not hanging around for this. Scarper!

11.45am Found a new location. Seems fairly quiet. Begin snapping. Start actually relaxing in front of the camera, and the pictures are improving. Slightly. Start giving it your best blue thunder. *SNIGGER*. Look round and see a builder, most amused at your vanity. Realise you left your hat in location number two. Cry inside. Head back to location number two. Decide to call it a day because you obviously were not born for this.

12.15am Arrive home, dejected. Delete all pictures because you didn’t realise your face looked like that and those jeans gather in a most unflattering manner around the crotch… Decide to give it another go next weekend.



In order to avoid all of the nonsense described above, I have collated my top tips for how I make my blog shoots run more smoothly.

one. Prepare 

To save any last minute stresses, you need to plan your outfits the day before. Try everything on and make sure it looks as good as you think it does in your head. Think about locations that will work well with a) the outfit and b) the theme of the post (something else I recommend you have prepped before heading out to shoot. You will always get better results if your photography fits with the ideas bubbling around in your head).

two. The early bird catches the worm

Getting out around 8/9am (or even earlier) is the only way I can guarantee a successful shoot. There are less people/cars/general annoyances to get in the way of your photoshoot and ruin the pictures. There is nothing worse than nailing that street shot of you flouncing around in your favourite outfit only to realise there was a bright red car passing by in a blur in the background.

three. Expect staring

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a few nice people who mind their own business and carry on with their day. However, expect to come across other people who a) take real issue with what you are doing and b) make that known. As long as you aren’t being invasive or using someone else property, you have nothing to worry about so just keep on doing what you are doing to get the results; the photos bloggers post don’t show the person staring in an off-putting mannor stood just out of shot. Neither do the bloggers’ poses – learning to be comfortable posing in the presence of others is a must if you want a successful street style shoot.



Top – Primark, similar style here

Trousers – Zara, similar here

Boots – New Look

Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, similar here


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