Style Has No Gender

I recently wrote an article entitled ‘Five Things You Know if Your Boyfriend is Stylish’. In this post I mentioned that one of my favourite things about having a stylish boyfriend was that I could borrow his clothes (best thing ever, right?!). I’m not hugely feminine in the way I dress and I prefer a more androgynous style, so his shirts and sometimes jackets make a welcome cameo in my wardrobe.

The other day we were shopping together in Primark and I saw this khaki shirt in the men’s section that I really liked, for only £13. I pointed it out to him in the hope he would buy it, not only because it would look good on him, but also for the slightly more selfish reason that I could wear it too. To my dismay he didn’t take to it, so I decided to buy it for myself. Too often in fashion, and society in general for that matter, we blindly follow ‘rules’ that dictate our appearance or how we should behave without questioning why. I would never usually browse the mens section of any store without my boyfriend, and whilst you are less likely to find as many ideal garments as you would in the women’s section, why not take a wander through when you next find the time. The ‘oversized’ look that has become so popular in women’s fashion in recent years is available for a fraction of the price in the same store, it’s just located on a different floor. I actually also picked up a baby pink cotton t-shirt from the mens section for only £2.

This shirt was effortless to style, mainly because of the inherent laid-back vibe of the military inspired garment. I bought it in large so I can wear it as a jacket, ideal for a transitional spring wardrobe. I styled it with purely neutral colours, mainly because that is all my wardrobe consists of, but also because I think keeping it simple and clean cut has an irresistible androgyny to it. To add sophistication and a feminine edge, I wore my pointed snake-print shoes with block heel. The snake-print compliments the colour palette of the rest of the outfit and gives the outfit a little sass. And finally, we can’t get through this post without talking about THESE EARRINGS. I have actually hoarded these earrings for around a year and a half. I bought them in H&M when I was feeling particularly adventurous and then didn’t get around to wearing them. I have recently become obsessed with statement earrings, and to my delight found these in a drawer when I was having a clear out. They are just beautiful.


Jacket – Primark, similar here

Jumper – Primark, similar here

Trousers – Zara, similar here

Shoes – River Island, similar here

Earrings – H&M. I actually bought these so long ago, but AMAZINGLY New Look have an identical pair out – here 

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