Supermarket Chic

 I recently saw one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Hannah Crosskey, post a picture of herself in this jumpsuit. It immediately ticked all of my boxes. Pinstripe, check; V-neck, check; Wide leg, check. The list goes on. Immediately I began scanning the Instagram caption to find the answer to the question racing through my mind: WHERE CAN I GET THIS?! My first thought, as with any garment of this calibre, was Zara. Then I thought perhaps Topshop. Then, I spotted what she had written in the caption: Tu at Sainsbury’s.

I am no stranger to Sainsbury’s. In fact, I go into the store daily. However, the small, ‘local’ Sainsbury’s that I go into evokes thoughts of everything but fashion. Their ‘Taste the Difference’ crumpets are a thing of dreams and don’t get me started on their pecan and maple crisp cereal. But the idea that one can buy their clothing in the same place as their groceries wasn’t an idea I was used to. Until I saw this jumpsuit.

The thing that first struck me about it was how affordable it is. At £35 it is extremely reasonable: you could end up paying double that amount in other high street stores. Secondly, I was surprised by how on-trend it was. My impression of supermarket clothing brands is that they always somehow miss the mark; that they kind of embrace trends loosely but always fall short in some way or other. It wasn’t until I opened the package that I was actually convinced of the quality of this garment and I was indeed proved wrong.

If I’d have bought this from one of my favourite high-street dwellings and inevitably spent more on it, I would likely want to save it for a special occasion; if you’re anything like me you will have the (sometimes incorrect) preconceived notion that a higher price-tag denotes quality and luxury. Having bagged this for a great price, I decided it wouldn’t just sit in the back of my wardrobe gathering dust and waiting for an event worthy to wear it to. Instead I decided to make it an everyday, easy wear by throwing layering a jumper underneath and wearing it with my much loved Stan Smiths.


Jumpsuit – Tu by Sainsbury’s, here

Stan Smiths – ASOS, here

Jumper – Primark

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