The Importance of Self-Expression in Fashion

The reason I love fashion and sharing my style with you guys is because to me, fashion is all about self-expression. When I walk down the street, everybody I pass can glean something about me from the clothes I choose to wear. And I love that.


Fashion in many ways is about being proud of who you are and wanting to share that with the world. I think this is especially true of the way I dress. Whilst I do have a vague ‘style’, I get dressed in the morning according to the way I feel. I might choose to wear my snake print ankle boots when I’m feeling sassy and confident, or swapping them out for my stans when I’m on a mission to get sh*t done.

For this reason exactly, I think it is super important to dress in the way you want. When I was a little bit younger, in my pre-blogger days, my fashion choices were massively swayed by the opinions of my friends. I didn’t feel confident in my own style and ended up wearing things that I didn’t really feel were very ‘me’, and choosing not to buy clothes I had really loved just because one of my friends hadn’t liked it. Becoming a fashion blogger really underpinned my decision to dress for me. There isn’t a day now that I get dressed and don’t love what I am wearing, and leave my flat feeling confident and positive about myself. Much to my friends dismay, I am now late more often (soz gals), but I’m working on it…
The beauty of fashion, and one of the main reasons fashion bloggers can do what they do, is that style differs from person to person. If we all dressed in the same way there would be nothing for us to blog about. Style is such a personal thing, and I strongly believe that in order to enjoy it, you need to do you.


Which leads me onto the outfit… Lets face it – it’s all about the shoes. I absolutely ADORE them. Why? Well there is the obvious reason that they radiate Stella McCartney brilliance, but for me, they really reinforce the message of this post. Wearing these shoes a) allows me to stand out from the crowd (quite literally, they make me about six foot tall) and b) allows me to be completely, unapologetically me. Leaving the house wearing an outfit you have put together, an outfit with originality and personality, creates the ultimate feel-good vibe that means you just ooze confidence. Sassing past the girl who stared open-mouthed and disapproving in these bad boys last weekend was truly, utterly liberating.


The hella fine shoes, 4th and Reckless – here (in the sale for £15 too – aaaah!!)


All other items have been owned, worn and loved by me for some time (with the longest being the coat, bae since 2014) so sadly cannot be linked. 


  1. Natalie
    January 28, 2017 / 9:36 pm

    I’m at a point in my life where I can really relate to this. I try to be brave and true to myself but as you sort of suggest, sometimes feel a need to shy away and conform. I’m not in the least bit ‘fashionable’ but I love my clothes, shoes, coats, bags……etc and how they reflect ME 🙂

    • admin
      January 29, 2017 / 2:53 pm

      Exactly! I think we are all guilty of dressing with the influence of others’ opinions sometimes, especially because it is hard to enjoy an outfit when you are likely to receive opposition. But if we can put that to one side and pick out clothes solely because we love them, no one else’s opinion matters! I think you’re an inspiration – you dress so well and refuse to let the ‘mum’ part of your identity dictate how you dress!!

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