The Place of Practicality in Fashion

Last week I found this amazing utility jumpsuit in the Pull & Bear sale for £7.99. Yes, £7.99. I will give you a moment to digest that.

Once I got past the insanely cheap price tag, I began to think about the inspiration behind the style. Similar garments were first used by work men to cover and protect their clothing. With no waist band or jacket to get caught, the streamlined design meant the garment was all about practicality. Whilst I definitely did not have this in mind when I bought this item, I got onto wondering about the place of practicality in fashion.

 I believe it is important to show you guys a true representation of my style. This means shooting outfits that I actually leave the house in, and not just what I think you want to see. Sometimes I think an outfit would look better with a pair of heels instead of my trainers, or a skirt would look better without tights, but if its not what I plan on wearing, I won’t post it. I want my photos to be an authentic representation of my style, practicality and all.

So what role does practicality play? I realised that, for me at least, practicality seems to be given less and less importance as the day goes on. Lets take a typical Saturday for example.

9 AM – Coffee Run

When I first wake up, feeling slightly sluggish from the lie in, and with the weight of the previous five days having hit, coffee is my number one priority. This means that make-up/nice clothing/general appearance isn’t high on the list, if on the list at all. I am lucky to live a 2 minute walk from a selection of fantastic coffee shops, so knowing I can get my coffee and only see a small number of people means I am all about the practicality. I’m talking leggings, the jumper I just slept in and my puffer jacket. As far as footwear is concerned, I grab whichever trainers are closest to the front door.

Practicality rating: HIGH

1 PM – Shopping

By now, the coffee has had time to kick in. I have spent my morning working on my blog; taking photographs and writing posts to go alongside. I am full of creative inspiration for new material, so take a wander into the city centre to get some new bits for upcoming posts. I already have a full face of make-up from the morning shoot, so throw on my favourite jeans and trainers, perhaps with my newest item in knitwear, for a quick run around town.

Practicality: SLIGHTLY LOWER

6 PM – Dinner Date 

Following a suggestion that we go to the new restaurant we have wanted to try for weeks, I decide to dress up for the occasion. Jeans get swapped out for trousers, and knitwear for blouses. My beloved Adidas Stans aren’t going to cut it so I go for heeled boots instead. I can’t (read: won’t) walk as far in these, but they are a good compromise between comfort and style. I decide to leave my huge coat and blanket scarve combo at home in favour of the dainty jacket that doesn’t hide the detail of my outfit underneath, and convince myself this is the right thing to do because I won’t be wearing my coat inside and it will only get in the way…

Practicality: DWINDLING

9PM – Drinks

After a bottle of wine with dinner, and plans for drinks with the girls on the cards, practicality is moot. It’s all about heels, because lets face it no one walks anywhere after 9. What else are ubers for? The jacket that you took with you to dinner is now sat at home with your coat and blanket scarf, because again, you won’t need it in the bar and you will only lose it after one too many gin and tonics.

Practicality: well and truly GONE

And there we have it. Practicality will resume again at Sunday morning, around 10 AM when you wake up to a horrendous hangover and a desperate need for coffee and eggs. The leggings, jumper and puffer jacket combo become your best friend again, but this time, they stay for the day. Because on Sundays, practicality is paramount.


Jumpsuit – Pull & Bear – Similar here

Boots – Primark – Similar here

Jacket – H&M – Similar here


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