The Return of Spring

Whilst it isn’t quite here yet (I just walked home in the rain), we are ready.  And nowhere is that more apparent than on the high street. Every store you enter is filled with dreams of a brighter day, of warmer weather, and saying goodbye to winter. For me, fashion is at it’s best in the transitional seasons. The seasons where it is not too hot, not too cold (getting a bit goldilocks on you there – sorry) but a wonderful mix in between. I think these months allow us to play with different colours and textures, combining the best of winter with the best of summer.

As a self-confessed black clothing addict, I have long been promising myself I would try to rediscover colour. I absolutely love colourful clothes on other people, but don’t seem to be drawn to them myself. That was until I saw these shoes. Pink is really big on the high street at the moment, and for me, it makes for an easy entry into wearing colour. Mules have a real girly, cutesy vibe about them which is absolutely perfect for spring. I loved that the dusty pink colour and suedette finish really capitalised on this, making them completely and unapologetically the shoe of the girly-girl. Whilst that isn’t really me, I am wholeheartedly embracing it in the form of these babies.

Too much too soon is never a good thing. To avoid making myself feel completely alien in this outfit, I wore them with all dark colours. Not only does this allow me to keep one foot in the comfort zone, it also makes for a great canvas against which to view the shoes. They really steal the show in a most subtle way: the pale colouring and low heel don’t exactly make for a statement shoe, but with such a strong ‘pretty’ vibe, they really hold their own.


Shoes – Primark, similar here

T-shirt – Primark, similar here

Trousers – River Island, similar here

Jacket – H&M, similar here

Bag – Mango, sold out

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