The S/S Dress That Does All The Talking

My favourite thing about dressing for A/W is the ability to create complexity. Each layer is not only a chance to add warmth, but to add a different colour, texture or even silhouette to your outfit to produce a different look every time. The same can’t be said for dressing on the hotter days of S/S, when even the lightest layer is too much, which is why I sometimes struggle with these seasons: without risking sounding like an elderly lady, I love layers. The key for me in S/S is to find pieces that are capable of standing alone and still making you feel great: these garments are the real style heroes of the warmer months. Statement sleeves were huge last year (and still are) for this very reason: they don’t rely on any other item to make the look. They ARE the look. So onto the dress…

This Zara dress is the perfect ‘do all the talking’ item that you NEED in your S/S wardrobe. It is such an easy-to-wear piece, complete with lightweight fabric and my all time favourite, blue and white stripes. But the best bit about this dress: the sleeves. The elasticated cuff allows you bunch the sleeve up more or less to give you the volume you want (I just adore that I can use the word volume when describing sleeves *inserts heart eye emoji*). They are absolutely insane and by far the most exciting yet wearable statement sleeve I have seen on the high street yet. DISCLAIMER: I bought this in store, so I didn’t see any pictures of how the dress was intended to be worn before wearing it. Having now seen it online, it doesn’t appear that Zara have styled it with the voluminous sleeve detailing in the way I have, but I much prefer my way! I will let you guys case the deciding vote…

For me, this dress is the perfect example of a standalone piece. This dress doesn’t need a jacket over the top or a t-shirt underneath to give the outfit more depth. In fact, in my opinion, adding to this dress would only ruin it. Sometimes you find a piece that just instantly works for you more than any other item of clothing has: this is exactly how I feel about this dress. It is the ultimate summertime safety net – the go-to dress for any occasion, whether it be dinner and drinks, shopping, or a BBQ. All I need now is the temperature to wear it.


This was one of my favourite shoots to date. Joe and I have lived in Bristol for nearly two years and I am still amazed by how beautiful it is. Shooting down by the harbour in this glorious (if not uncharacteristic) Spring weather, I felt like I could have been on holiday. The harbour is one of Bristol’s most beautiful locations and one of my favourite places to spend time. There is nothing nicer than a hot, sunny day by the harbour with a crate of beers and good friends. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already!


Dress – Zara, here

Shoes – New Look, similar here

Sunglasses – New Look, here

Earrings – ASOS, silver available here

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