Trialling Trends with Primark

Admit it. We are all guilty of getting stuck in a fashion rut from time to time. We find a particular style we like and that’s great, but there comes a time when we need to evolve our style and we aren’t really sure which way to go with it. I have recently felt this way. I am a serial black clothes buyer, and love a clean cut, neutral style. However, with spring approaching, the high street is filling with creative cuts and patterns a plenty. I see these items on my favourite bloggers and fall in love, but wonder if I would do such a good job in pulling them off. And even more off-putting than that is the thought that I might not even want to. Perhaps I am happy with my all black style?

I decided I owe it to myself to try. It is almost obligatory for a fashion blogger to try new things and be open to new styles and ways of dressing. However, unlike some of my more successful counterparts, I don’t have the money to adopt any trend going in the hope that it will work. This is where Primark comes in. One of my longstanding favourite shops, not only due to the irresistibly low prices, but because of their willingness to whole heartedly embrace new trends. At Primark, you too can embrace new trends without the worry of feeling like you are making an investment.

So I headed down there with the intention of spending a small amount of money but coming away with some fresh style inspiration and the clothing to match. This stripey top was amongst the bundle. As soon as I saw it I felt it had a beautiful 70s vibe, the kind that Megan Ellaby pulls off like a second skin. For only £6 I couldn’t go wrong. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant pink and blue colour palette that I am really into this Spring (YAY Spring is finally here). I think this would be a great piece for people who, like me, shy away from wearing too much colour: the black, white and nude stripes break up the bolder shades to make it a really wearable piece. And as a long-standing lover of stripes, this top provides a great reinvention of a classic look with uneven blocks of clashing colour.

Wearing it around Clifton on Saturday morning as we headed to shoot the look, I will admit I did feel slightly weird. Not quite imposter status, but getting there. However, when I looked back on the photos from the shoot, I realised I actually really liked the extra colour. I won’t be winning any medals for my originality or bravery with this look, as I decided to dress it up with all black everything else (baby steps ‘n’ all) but for me this was kind of a big deal! And who knows what will be next? Floral trousers and bright yellow tops? Probably not, but if Primark start selling them, I might just give them a go!


Leather Jacket – Vero Moda, similar here

Cropped Trousers – Zara, similar here

Shoes – H&M, similar here

Sunnies & Top – Primark

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