A Quick Guide to Office Survival

Having graduated last year I am new to the working world. As I have survived my first job in an office (so far, at least) I thought I would collate my top tips for how to get by …

Establish routine
This covers just about everything. The time you should leave the house. The time you actually need to have left by so you can arrive on time after a gentle jog. The order in which you complete your tasks to ensure everything is done on time. Who’s turn it is to bring in sweets on a Friday (and then again the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to induce mood lifting sugar highs to help you get through working day.

Set realistic expectations 
Ensure your responsibilities are clearly established from day one so no-one is left disappointed. This means you need to gage who you are obliged to offer a drink to when you go to make a drink for yourself. Is it just the colleagues sat adjacent to you? Or your whole team? Or even your whole floor? Until you have figured this out, do nothing. If you offer tea to everyone on your first day you better be prepared to continue making all those people tea for the rest of your career.

Get to know your surroundings
Learn where the to find the things you need to do your job well. Where can you go to get stationary? Where is the printer? And most importantly where is the closest bar so you know which direction to crawl in when you finally escape on a Friday night.

Create good working relationships 
Within your first month at your new job, laugh at all the unfunny jokes your colleagues tell, feign interest in their interests and do not say no to out-of-office socials. You never know when you will need these colleagues help to fix a mistake and/or their discretion in covering it up.

Take on extra responsibility 
You only have a limited time to make a good impression on your colleagues, so taking on extra responsibility is a great way to show you are an enthusiastic and willing member of the team. It can also work in your favour to make your life easier. For example, learning your bosses favourite junk food and taking it upon yourself to buy it when the workload is tough is going to win you brownie points (pun intended) with not only the boss themselves, but the other colleagues who benefit from the resulting mood lift.

And if all else fails, bring in donuts. No one dislikes the girl with donuts.



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