Beating Dark Circles with Rimmel’s Wake Me Up


This range is my favourite high-street cosmetic collection for those early morning transformations when time is of the essence, and a strong cup of coffee is not enough to get you from bed-head to beauty.

I begin my routine by moisturising with my favourite daily moisturiser and letting that sink in whilst I brew my coffee. By the time my coffee is ready, so is my skin. I apply and blend my foundation to create my base, and then I go in with the Wake Me Up concealer. I draw one line from the inner corner of my eye across my cheek bone, another line running from the the corner of my eye parallel to my nose, and a final line down the centre of my nose. I then blend using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender (aka Bae).

I adore this concealer. Containing light-reflecting pigment, it takes your skin from zero to hero in an instant, not only giving you a fresh, I-had-ten-hours-sleep look, but creating a gorgeous glow at the same time. The concealer comes with its own applicator, making it the ideal product for manic morning routines!

I continue with my routine, applying liner along the lash-line followed by a feline flick. I then finish with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Wonder’full mascara, containing cucumber extract. The scent is so refreshing, doing exactly what it says on the tin. The product itself is great, creating thick and full looking lashes with the right amount of volume and length to create perfect peepers with that wide-awake look. Ta-dah!

Now you just have time to throw that coffee into a take-out cup and run for the bus! Thank me later.

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