Five Things You Know if Your Boyfriend is Stylish

With Valentines on our door step, I wanted to write a post featuring my lovely boyfriend. I wasn’t sure what to write that would be interesting for you guys to read and not just me, so I decided to write something other girls can relate too as well. As a fashion blogger, a lot of my time is spent talking about, blogging about and spending money on fashion. So it is a huge help that my boyfriend too is into style. I have compiled a list of my top five reasons why.

one. He will never question your quirky fashion choices

If there is one thing that completely dampens your creativity when it comes to clothing, it is the negativity or judgement of others. That look that says ‘are you really wearing that out of the house’ is enough to make you want to never leave. This is something I never have to worry about. Whatever insane idea for clothing combinations I might have, Joe will be too busy thinking up his own to say a word about mine.

two. You can ask him for advice on clothing and get more than ‘uhm yeah…looks great babe’

Because we don’t always have time to snapchat the girls and wait for a reply before we rush out the door in the morning. You can actually trust his opinion as well, and know that if he says you look good, he knows what he is talking about.

three. You sometimes want the same things

When we were sixteen Joe and I fell out because we had both wanted a sheepskin jacket and I bought one first (emphasis on the fact we were sixteen here please). Recently we have bought similar shape glasses which Joe is not happy about – he bought his first. We have also had issues of wanting the same trainers in the past and having to decide who gets to have them. Come to think of it, we have a lot of similar footwear. We both have adidas trainers, a pair of vans each…

four. He understands when you spend £200 in the asos sale because he has tooThis one is probably not a good thing, but I love an enabler so I won’t complain… Never (rarely) will I hear Joe tell me to stop spending money on clothes. Instead, he will see me on ASOS and think ‘ooh I haven’t been on ASOS this week’ and have their page up before I know it. And so the shopping habit continues.

five. You can borrow his clothes

This one is the best one. In the summer I convinced Joe to buy a denim jacket that looked great on him. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realised it looked great on me too… I couldn’t justify buying a jacket like that as I already had a denim jacket (fine, three, I have three), and it was coming to the end of the warmer weather. But having that additional option really opened up my wardrobe choices, and I ended up wearing it more than he did.


Disclaimer: I would have love to put out a post with some of Joe’s actual outfits in, but he is camera shy and wanted no part in this haha. I managed to take these snaps at our weekly coffee date, where after we finish shooting on a Saturday morning, I buy him a coffee as a thank you for taking my pictures. 



Joe’s Raybans –  here

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  1. Holley
    February 16, 2017 / 9:03 pm

    I now know my boyfriend is not stylish. X

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