Here’s To The Women Who Support Each Other

This post is dedicated to all you women who build up other women, instead of tearing them down. You are the real heroes. Supporting other women has benefits not only for them, but also for you, and for society as a whole. There are so many reasons why we should band together and support our fellow woman. This post goes into just a few of them.


In our lifetime alone, we have achieved a lot in the fight against sexism. We still have a very long way to go, but we have successfully opened a dialogue that challenges female oppression, and made terms such as ‘glass-ceiling’ part of our everyday language. Big things have happened, and will continue to happen around us. It is something we should not only be proud of, but should be an active part of. Before you click off this page thinking you aren’t ready yet to free the nipple or stop shaving, this can be as simple as eradicating language that targets and victimises other women (think slut-shaming), or abandoning the stereotypes that put girls in a box and prevent them from progressing. Or even as simple as supporting your fellow gal, being a promoter of women, or stopping the judgement about how other girls choose to live their lives. Society has taught us we have a right to question the actions of women, and judge them for certain behaviours. STOP.



In the world of blogging, there is a lot of unnecessary competition. No one ever told us there were only so many places at the top; we made that up ourselves. Yet there is still an element of hostility, borne of a desire to do better than our peers. We all work very hard at what we do, and naturally want to receive recognition for that. Admittedly, it can be disheartening seeing someone else get opportunities you feel you deserve. We are only human after all. But at the end of the day, there are bigger and better things to consider here.

The blogging industry is still forming, ever-growing and establishing itself as a serious and respected career path. Any success in this industry, whether it is directly yours or not, is a success for all of us. It is a success for every girl who gives up her evenings and weekends to create content. For every girl who sacrifices night outs with her friends so she can save money for that new camera instead. And for every girl who ignores the judgement and carries on doing what she loves. Each time a brand or business or even a family member takes us seriously, that is a win for all us. Instead of looking at other bloggers and begrudging their success, thank them for what they are doing for the industry we all love and pour our hearts into.

Next time you are on Instagram and you see an amazing shot, don’t be jealous – be kind. Write a comment and let your fellow gal know you like what she is doing. When you find an amazing Instagram account or blog, don’t be selfish. Share that content with your friends and followers so they too can become inspired. I make a point of supporting my fellow blogging gals regularly, sharing their Instagram feeds on my Insta story, a) because SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GIRL GANG and b) they are killing it, and people deserve to see this.



Approximately half of the world’s population are female. Women who do amazing things, who have world-changing ideas and who create the next generation of talent. Cutting these women off makes absolutely no sense to the progression of society. Yet it is happening to us far too often. Don’t be one of those women who cut other women off. Be one of those women who band together to support the joint cause, not only for other women, but for your own good too. And just remember, what’s good for the woman, is good for the women.


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