Sunday Relaxation with Jo Malone

Two of my dear friends treated me to a Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom candle for my birthday. I know, I have the best friends. Unlike the £3 vanilla candle I picked up at Ikea (which just for the record is absolutely gorgeous and deserves credit for making my flat smell gorgeous since December), this scent needs to be experienced; it needs to be noticed and fully appreciated. So I will continue burning my Ikea candle on those days when I am dashing around the flat getting sh*t done, but save the Jo Malone candle for special occasions when I need to really unwind and treat my senses…

I begin by running a hot bath, adding salts or bath milk to the running water. To fully appreciate the Jo Malone scent in all of its glory, I use a product with little or no smell. At this point I light the candle, allowing the aroma to unfold and fill the room.

This particular scent is definitely one of my favourite Jo Malone creations for use in the home. At first smell, it is extremely rich and fragrant. The cardamom comes through with great strength, coupled with only a tease of the mimosa. However once the wax begins to melt, the genius pairing begins to unfold and the two distinct scents work in unity, alongside the often forgotten addition of tonka bean, to warm and delight the senses.

By the time my bath is ready, the room smells divine and I am ready to chill. To make this the ultimate relaxation experience, I remove my make-up and apply a face mask. As I have quite dry skin, I use the No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask regularly to keep my skin supple and to improve its elasticity. However when I fancy a bit more of a treat, I love using the Superdrug White Chocolate Mousse Mask which leaves the skin feeling replenished and smelling great for only 99p. Additionally, from a recent visit to the spa I picked up the super handy tip of having a glass of ice cold water next to the bath – it allows you to refresh and rehydrate whilst letting the heat of the water work its magic.

I slip into the bath and let go of my stresses, letting the full-bodied, radiant scent energise and rejuvenate my senses.


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