High end fashion is breathtaking. The creative vision of each designer spills out over the catwalk, splashing the canvas of audience expectation, whilst they try to absorb what they can in the few moments before the model slips back behind the curtain. But how often do you see those clothes worn in day to day life? It is an unattainable dream. The admiration I feel for the unique and exquisite designs will never be enough, because at the end of the day, to me and you, to the everygirl of our generation, these clothes are unwearable. Think of these clothes, if you will, as a metaphor. They allude to great, independent style; to feeling your clothes, not just simply wearing them; and to expressing brilliance in every stride. Therefore, in my view, you cannot take these spectacular garments seriously. No. Instead, draw inspiration from the colours, the cuts, and the way those clothes stand out above the rest. Take that with you as you immerse onto the high street, with your everygirl budget, with your desire to be fabulous, and safe in the knowledge that good style is achievable for every single one of us.